Welcome to the homepage of the Wilhelm-Busch Primary School in Blankenfelde

The values which we seek to instill and uphold in our school we feel are best described by former German president Roman Herzog:

“Let us create an educational system which encourages achievement, which leaves nobody excluded, and which imparts the joys of learning while itself being a learning system and as such continuously creative and developable.”

Analogous to Roman Herzog’s speech on 5 November 1997

We are a small primary school with approximately 310 pupils aged 6 to 12 years.

The children learn in 6 grades, with two classes in each grade. Our faculty consists of 3 male and 15 female teachers.

This is what we are proud of...

We create individual plans to support each of our pupils
We provide anti-bullying, anti-cyber-mobbing and anti-violence training
We provide a Mediation program
Godparenthood between classes
Competitions in sciences and languages
Regional and superregional competitions in sports
We use interactive whiteboards in all of our classrooms
Our school assumed sponsorship for a little boy in Gambia/West Africa
Our house of little explorers
School crossing guards
Autonomous active arrangement in times of recreational breaks
Documentation of school life in an annual book

Highlights in every school year

Special projects in different fields
Mathematics Olympics
Reading competitions
Annual sports meeting
Annual run for sponsoring the godchild in Gambia
Creative writing competition
Christmas project
Annual music concert
Annual summer festival


Telephone: 0 33 79 / 37 27 03

Fax: 0 33 79 / 20 19 69

E-mail: wbgs-blankenfelde-sekretariat@gmx.de

Homepage: www.wilhelm-busch-grundschule-blankenfelde.de

Headmaster: Ms. Bärbel Granzow

Deputy Headmaster: Mr. Uwe Stadnitzky-Kolendo

Secretary: Ms. Viola Mundil